Contemporary democratic societies are facing an unprecedented challenge for balancing freedom of expression against the right to privacy in the new media environment. The quick development of Internet has led the international legal communities, media enterprises and the civil society to question the adequacy of traditional methods of regulating the freedom of speech vis-à-vis the right to privacy. A new paradigm is emerging, whereby the task of achieving effective realization of both these significant rights is moving away from the vertical power structures to horizontal accountability of media enterprises in relation to new media users.


LAWMEDIA NETWORK will bring together scholars and specialists from law and media to explore the factors involved and suggest solutions for protecting the right to expression and the right to privacy in the new media environment. Participants will define and discuss the role of various significant actors – such as the media enterprises, media users, governments and civil organizations – in achieving the task of maintaining the core values of the modern world. Dialogue between various stakeholders enables the project participants to assess which standards of good faith and accountable journalism can be realized in the Internet and whether there is a need for developing common new standards on the basis of voluntary acknowledgement by new media enterprises. International discussion with interdisciplinary focus may be the most reliable way to achieve meaningful and realizable results for building the foundations for maintaining the freedom of expression and right to privacy in the realm of new media realities.


LAWMEDIA NETWORK includes four partners from Nordic and Baltic countries. Main objectives of the network are to:

  1. establish network of universities to re-conceptualize the relationship between law and media;
  2. ensure innovative outcome of network/project activities through exchange of ideas and mutual learning between different specialists and scholars
  3. deliver an intensive course that illuminates legal issues in media industry.

Long-term targets of the network are: to outline new ways of teaching law and media students and to work out recommendations for media community.

Law and Media Network is  a Higher Education Project funded by NORDPLUS registered under the Project ID : PHE-2015/10125